Friday, August 12, 2016

Friendly? Wasn’t Expecting that MUCH!

After living in one house for 31 years, my wife and I have moved twice in less than 3 months.
If you recall your last move from a “permanent” residence (we ain’t got but one permanent residence, and it ain’t on earth) you know what this means.

Moves are HARD!

The last house we bought we looked at it LESS than scores of houses we did NOT buy.  We saw it, walked around a bit, then left for a 10-hour drive back to Alabama.

Our realtor told us there was ALREADY a contract on the house, so our hopes weren’t too high.  On top of that we made a pretty LOW offer on it.
I made the CLEAR remark, “IF G^d doesn’t want us to have this house there are PLENTY of ways to stop it”.  I also made the inverse comment to Brenda, “If G^d wants us to have this place, He’ll have to make it happen.
We recently went to the new place to begin moving in.  We were there only 4 days but, in those 4 days we met:
Dan and Ann
Bob Dav
Bob and Gail
Karen and Robyn
Peyton and Berta
David and Sally
Kathleen, Kathy, and Joe
Bob Dar
Mark and dog
Ms K
Brent and Sharon
Sten and Rose
That’s 24 neighbors we met in 4 days.  We were invited to two community events in 4 days.  We hate that we are missing the lecture next Friday on birding.
We see many positives in the new house, but the BIG one is the great friendly neighborhood we have, unbeknownst to us, moved into.  Let me tell you, RELATIONSHIPS matter, and so G^d has provided us a GREAT start.

G^d knows what He is doing!


  1. I am so happy to hear this.. God is so good.

  2. Glad to hear all is working out Phil.