Monday, September 5, 2016

An Odd Group of Guys

I just spent about a week with a group of 9 guys on a fishing expedition to Canada.  The fishing was terrible, but the trip was quite enjoyable.

All these guys, except me and one other, were related by blood or marriage, at least indirectly.  They were a great group, all Christians. 

  • I never heard:
  • Curse words,
  • Gripping,
  • Complaining, or
  • Blasphemy.

Instead, I did hear:
  • Prayer,
  • A few discussions of theology
  • A lot of laughter, and
  • Lots of encouragement and compliments.

Everyone pitched in to help without being asked.  Cooperation level was high.

This is to say, in 21st century America, it was a really odd group of guys—and a great time, despite the uncooperative fish.

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