Friday, September 16, 2016

How Serious Am I About this “Following the Christ” Stuff?

I have been thinking about Matt 6:19-21, “Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth, where you have to buy insurance.  But lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven, where no insurance is needed.  For where a man’s treasure is, there will his heart be also.”  (Phil Bishop version).

I do NOT think I take this verse very seriously.  I often think about laying up more treasures on earth, and only seldom do I think about Heaven, or storing anything there.  I think about accumulating wealth, of nice homes, and cars, and vacations, and all sorts of material things.  In fact MOST of modern culture is directed towards these very ends!

You see, I am pretty sure about treasures on earth, my faith flags a bit when I think about heaven.  Down deep inside I see little point in laying up treasure there- after all, it may NOT exist at all!

But, getting a bit older, I am beginning to see that this life, this time on earth, will swiftly draw to an end.  Maybe Jesus should be taken seriously.  Maybe Heaven should be taken seriously.  Maybe I should DO what Jesus said, instead of just talking about what He said.

Here’s a thought.  Maybe the person who DOES what Jesus said is building on a firm foundation.  Perhaps those who are big doubters, who pretty much invest everything in this life- the here and now- perhaps they are building on sand.   Perhaps all our earthy treasures will burn up in the end.

Who knows?  (This might be a good time to read Matthew 7: 24-27).

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