Monday, September 19, 2016

Bits and Pieces of Time

Ben Franklin once said, “Dost thou love life, then save time, for time is that of which life is made.”

As I have written previously, time is a precious commodity, and getting more may be impossible.  I think about the many ways I choose to spend my time.  I also think, almost constantly about way sot save time.  I remember my son Daniel’s teacher telling him to use “those little bits and pieces of time” to study or accomplish something.

But, for what are we saving time?  Saving time to watch television seems self-defeating.  Saving time for resting might be good, but if you tired yourself more in saving the time, perhaps that is self-defeating too.

The ONLY good use for time, that I can envision, is spending time serving G^d.  Serving G^d may involve reading Scripture , praying, even spending time with some particular person.  It seems the intent is more important than the activity.

I think about how much time I spend working, reading, writing, playing Sudoku…
Wouldn’t I be much wiser to spend my time laying up for myself treasures in Heaven?  Matt 6:19-20

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