Monday, October 10, 2016

Judo- Say What?

We have been in Japan, watching the Rio Olympics on the television with Japanese announcers.

I was a wrestler in High School, and enjoyed the sport and developed a strategy to be pretty successful.  I have been around a lot of sports and even wrote a book on measurement in sport and exercise.

Unfortunately, I couldn't ever figure out HOW to score judo.  I saw the competitors, I know they MUST be very high level, but beyond that, I was lost.

Several times I thought I was catching on, but alas, no figuring it out for me.  Of course, I could go on the www and learn about it- but, I have skills and experience- which of course failed me this time.

Even when I went on Google, I wasn't too clear.

But, I'm glad it's a sport.  I am glad I got to see a bit.

But a bit, is enough.

So, for you judo aficionados, enjoy,   We don't all have to agree to be friends.  We don't have to fully understand everything.

And, for us academics, that last point is essential.  Some things, like judo, are simply beyond our ability to grasp.

Like G^d for instance.  Think about that a bit.

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