Monday, October 24, 2016

Onsen- Say what?

On my last two visits to Japan, I have gone with my son, David, to the onsen.

Never been to an onsen?  Know what an onsen is?

An Onsen is a hot bath house.  Both of the onsens I have visited had things in common:

  1. You go totally naked.  (I.e. no photos to post here)
  2. You bathe extensively BEFORE entering the hot baths.
  3. The sauna is terrifically hot!
  4. There are various features to the baths.  The recent one had:

  • A waterfall that gave me a neck/back massage- my favorite.
  • Pools with spouts kind of like a jaccuzi.
  • An outdoor bath- kinda nice when you were really hot.
We went twice.  The first time, I was still sweating about 20 min AFTER we left.

That is probably the CLEANEST I have ever been.  I washed and soaked and washed some more.

But that is NOT the cleanliness I need- we need.

We need cleansing from our old sin nature.  We need cleansing from our sin.

No onsen can do that...

Only the blood of Jesus The Christ!!

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