Thursday, March 2, 2017

A brief Defense of Christianity

Christianity seems to be subjected to strong criticism since the US Presidential elections. Lots of folks, even those who claim to be Christians are suddenly full of ideas about how Christians behave badly and think wrongly about... most everything!

Alas, nothing is new under the sun (Sorry folks, that's a Bible quote).  Christianity has been critiqued since the time of Jesus himself.

But before you jump on the over-loaded anti-Christian bandwagon, let me offer a few points for consideration.

  • No one, including the Pope, speaks for all of Christianity,
  • Hospitals, orphanages, disaster relief.

First, no one, including the Pope, speaks for all of Christianity. The bad behavior, and there is no shortage of that, of some Christians, and indeed all Christians at some points in their individual lives, give a bad testimony.  NO WHERE does Christianity promise perfection in its followers.  In fact, quite the opposite, Christianity says that we all are (not were) sinners, saved by grace, attempting, sometimes more than others, to serve the L^rd.  Corporately, the Christian Church has likewise had a less than perfect record- which I point out- is just what Christianity predicts!

But before quitting reading, consider another issue.  I have been fortunate to see a lot of the modern world.  I have seen many hospitals, medical clinics, and volunteer medical services provided the poorest of the poor, with no strong attached by... yes Christians.  the same can be said for orphanages, disaster relief, and many other good works.  I am guessing that somewhere there may be a few of these facilities provided by other groups (not counting governments), including religious ones, but the Christian ones far outnumber the others.  Which is to say, that Christianity has put its money where its mouth is.

In Ephesians the Christian Church is called the bride of Christ.  As my friend Dr. Bob B used to say, "Be careful of criticizing Jesus' bride."


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