Thursday, March 16, 2017

"I didn't know that YOU were a Christian- Part 1"

Yesterday's sermon (12 Feb) was very thought provoking.  In it a story was recounted of a person who had known a young man in college.  That young man and gradauted, and later became a Christian.  Upon meeting his old college buddy, and talking a bit, the newer Christian accidently gave what may be the BIGGEST insult in all of Christianity, when he exclaimed, "I didn't know YOU were a Christian!"

Whoa!  What did they just say?

They are saying, effectively, "There is little evidence in your life that you are a Follower of the Christ!"

Sad, very sad.

So, serious question, among your friends, family, acquaintances, who, how many, would KNOW that you are a Follower of the Christ?


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