Thursday, March 23, 2017

Your Name Matters!

My dad's favorite Scripture was from Proverbs 22:1, "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, And loving favor rather than silver and gold."  He valued having a reputation as a humble follower of Jesus, as a hard worker, and as a good father and husband.  He was all of those and well respected.

Many of us were named for someone.  My first name, Phillip, is spelled with two "l's" because it came from my step grandfather's last name.  My middle name is the same as my own dad's.  That is, names have meaning, whether your parents simply like the sound, or some other basis.

G^d seems to take names seriously, changing the names of many Bible characters like Abram, Jacob, Saul, and may more.  For whatever reason, and including vanity, I usually like to hear my own name called.  Knowing this, I gave two talks recently at a Cru Faculty Commons conference in Orlando.  In my talks I attempted to call as many names of the participants as I could.  No one mentioned my doing this, and I am unsure if other people like hearing their names called.

Because I get to speak a lot, I NEED YOUR HELP!  Give me a call, an email, or comment below.  

DO you LIKE hearing your name called as I do, or does it make you uncomfortable?

I love your name, and like to call it out in my talks.  Help me out here folks.


  1. I've noticed your tendency and ability to recall and to speak to others by name..(Sunday School classes etc.)...I think it is a good thing...Not everyone can do it...The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is when I can't reach up their grab your when I need it...:)

  2. In the uncomfortable camp, here. But I say do whatever makes you comfortable. A speaker's happiness is contagious.