Monday, May 1, 2017

Some Mighty Nice Folk- I just found this one!

Back in 2014 I made a trip to the Left coast and wrote up this blog post, which inexplicably never got published.  I want to correct that mistake... so here's a BLAST from the PAST.

Out on the NW coast of the USA are several friends of mine.  I want you to know of them.  I had the opportunity to visit with two of my former Ph.D. students where they teach at CWU, Ellensburg, WA.  I spoke to some of their students and colleagues.
 Above are Kelly, Rob, Liam and Luke.  They live in a beautiful home that I will show you later.  They were super hospitable, housing me, feeding me, and making sure I got where I had to be.
These are the folks who invited me out initially.  This is Mark, Kathi, and Claire. Mark is an Aussie who came to the University of Oregon, met Kathy and the rest is history. He has been at CWU for 7 years and travels the world as a professor.

This is Ken and Diane. Ken is a highly committed Christian and a long-time faculty member.  They are exceedingly warm and welcoming.

There are many more characters in this story. The punch line of this story is the great number of wonderful people inhabiting this earth. These are some top ones, and they happen to live in the opposite corner of the USA, but the world has many more.

And that raises, in part, the Problem of Pleasure. If the anti-Christians are right, why are there so many good things in the world? Why is there pleasure and friendship instead of pain and competition only? Why are there so many people, like these above, who are hospitable, kind, serving, selfless?  Why is the world often a beautiful, pleasant, joyous place?  My evolutionists friends will guess that these have "survival value", but no more than the sad and painful things, so why would this explain the atheist's views?

Regardless of one's philosophy, there are some mighty nice people in this world.  Thanks be to G^d!

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