Thursday, May 18, 2017

When is Spring Break- not a Break? Bishop Style!

Just last week we were on my final Spring Break.  It went something like this:

Saturday- Drive to Natural Bridge, spend several hours looking around, and catching an early queen snake.  Then to lunch in a place we ate over 37 years ago.  Then to Natural Bridge Caverns for a great tour underground.
Sunday- SS, Church, dinner with neighbors.  Rest.
Monday- drive to Jamestown, VA and tour the OLDEST continuously occupied English settlement in the USA.  Then to the Yorktown Revolutionary War Battlefield.
Tues- Historic Williamsburg visit until they closed it down.
Wed.-  Half a day at the Newport News Maritime Museum, then a tour of the Yorktown Battlefield until it closed.  Then drive back to Lynchburg.
Thurs.-  Visit the Highlands, home of President James Monroe, then to Monticello, home of President Jefferson.
Fri- Visit Lexington, VA, tour home of TJ Jackson, an outstanding Christian, tour VMI Museum and then the General George C Marshall Museum.
Saturday- catch up on what we hadn't done before- fixed smoke detectors, changed furnace filters, etc.
Sunday- SS, Church, shepherding group.  Rest.

Yep, we need a BREAK from Spring Break. Thank you L^rd for rest!

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