Thursday, December 19, 2013


I have been thinking about tolerance, and intolerance for several years now.  I have come to the firm conclusion that...

Everybody is!

Intolerant, that is.

Everyone is intolerant, it just becomes fashionable from time to time to be intolerant about some particular issue.

"I'm the exception.  I am tolerant."  says you.

"Nope!"  says me.

There are lots of things that you do NOT tolerate.  Here is a list and you will find a few things you find intolerable:

  1. racism
  2. sexism
  3. smoking in closed areas
  4. child abuse
  5. animal abuse
  6. pedophilia

     7. intolerance towards things you favor.

So, enough about intolerance.  We all need to be more tolerant, but not of everything, and not just intolerant of the things we favor.  We need to tolerate a bit of intolerance in others, given our own intolerance.

I would point out that  G^d Himself tolerates a LOT from us.  Do unto others...

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