Saturday, December 7, 2013

Writing a Book II- Another Bad Idea?

I have been working more on the book that I posted about several posts back.  I have some more to say so...

You didn't really think you could get off that easy did you?

I have written 2.5 book manuscripts in my life, and have published a total of ... 1 book.  You would think I would know better.  I am not sure at all of what compels me to do this.  It is a lot of work for very small pay.

I am a teacher, that is my title, my calling, my profession.  It has always been my aim to take complex material and make it simple.  I am not always successful, but I am continually striving to make the crooked things straight, and the rough places smooth.

I am not a professional athlete, but I am a professional exerciser.  That is, I figure part of my salary goes to my workout.   I would feel pretty hypocritical to continually preach exercise, it's virtues and near necessity for health.  I would expect a piano teacher to play the piano well, and expect them to practice in order to do so.  So, I have been exercising at someone else's expense for many years, first for the US Navy and then for UGA, and now UA.

Over the years of teaching, research and trying to pay attention, I feel I might have learned a bit about exercise, and about fat (not weight) control.

So here we go again.  I started last spring (2012) and drafted the proposal and 4 chapters.  I sent it to a friend of mine who teaching writing and seems to know her stuff.  She made a few good suggestions and I submitted to two publishers.  Neither seemed at all excited.

I sent it off to the third publisher after more mods.  They came back and asked who I knew who was hihg profile to write an endoresement for the book.   Good question.

After considerable thought, a friend came to mind.  He is a physician who has published 31 books over the years. Instead of asking him to consider endorsing the book, I thought why not ask him to co-author the book.  "Two are better than one..." says Proverbs.

After some thought and prayer, he agreed.  I could immediately see that it was a good call.  He knows the ins and outs of publishing "trade" books.  In truth I had asked him about co-authoring the previous manuscript on Teaching the Bible, but his writing agent had nixed the idea.

So here we go again...  So far I have drafts of about 21- 21 chapters out of maybe 44-45 total.  It is a long road ahead.  Who knows what might happen.

But some things, you just gotta do, even if they seem like maybe not the best idea.

We shall see, we shall see.

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  1. I'm still convinced there is a magnum opus in you on teaching. I hope it makes to it print some day.