Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Where am I?

Where am I?

  • I  have only seen 1 pothole,
  • Spur Restaurant has the Vegetable platter
  • Most livestock is fenced
  • A restroom had paper towels
  • I can understand the English
  • There is rain, lakes, rivers
  • There are orchards and vineyards
  • The robots (redlights) all work
  • There are real trees
  • There are real mountains
  • Rarely does anyone blow their auto horn for little reason. 
  • Restaurants actually have the dishes listed on the menu.
  • Fruit, orchards, crops line the roads in many places.

Kinda sounds strange, doesn't it?  Can you guess where in Africa we are?

It was a bit strange being here, almost like Europe, but not quite.  We are in Cape Town, South Africa.  It amazing that two countries with a long common border can be so different, but they are.

Likewise,  two siblings, two colleagues, two neighbors can be vastly different.  And, to some extent, "vive la difference"!

For us Christians we OUGHT to be DIFFERENT in a foundational way!  So how different are you?


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