Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Routine Routine

Routine has it's upsides and its downs.  Routines can make life humdrum and boring, or make life comfortable and contemplative.  I have settled into the routine of the spring semester.

Most days involve an early wakeup to get to the UA campus in time to park within a couple of miles of my building.  Monday AM I could take my time, but every other day I either have class or a meeting.  It is good to get up early and get the day started.  I like the early AM quietness.

The week is consumed by classes, meetings, and sitting at my desk, trying to stay a bit ahead of the game.  We have had more classes canceled this term than I can recall in my almost 30 years here.  This really doesn't impact me that much, as a lot of my work can be done from any place with a computer and WWW access.

I have a hypothesis that routine is a mental energy conserving strategy.  We don't have to think so much, we don't have to  figure out what to do, if we simply do what we did yesterday, or last weekend.

And life is pretty much this way.  We fall into a work routine.  Weekends are a bit less structured, but have their own general rhythm.  It's easy to get in this type of cycle... and find that your whole life as slipped by unawares.  How sad for us, and it can happen to any of us, that we lose our life to our routines.

Tempus fugit, as we have observed here before.  What is life but a vapor...

How sad it must be, to reach the end of your life, and look back upon nothing but routine.  But maybe there is another way.  Maybe we should look to the future instead.   No not that future.  The "looking  to the future" game is not a good strategy, just look around.  I think it is never a bad idea to look ahead to our future in eternity.

We can invest short term or long term, or eternal term.  But what does that mean?  I guess that's another post for another day.

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