Thursday, February 6, 2014

Snow in... Alabama

When we lived in Sweden we started this blog.  Hence the url.  In Sweden we got lots of beautiful snow on a frequent basis.  It was beautiful.. and ordinary.  It was new to us though, and yuo may recall some of the pictures we took and posted.

In Sverige, snow is part of life and they were very well prepared.  Remember, even the bike tires had metal studs.  We learned to cope with it rather quickly and came to enjoy it.

At the moment it is snowing nicely in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Snow is NOT part of life here, and that makes a huge difference.  Most of the schools here closed down JUST in ANTICIPATION of the snow.  For those in other countries let me highlight.   We have NO:
  • Snow removal equipment
  • Sand spreading equipment
  • Auto snow tires, or bicycle snow tires
  • Ice cleats for our shoes
  • Warming fires in the parks
  • And worst we have no brullars (delicious pastry).

But, the excitement that snow engenders here is remarkable and likely unbelievable to those of you accustomed to snow.  But it is the novelty that makes it more interesting for us here.

There are only a few one-time, genuinely novel, events. I can only think of a few:
  • Creation of the world
  • Fall of mankind
  • Redemption of mankind on the cross
  • Resurrection of The Christ defeating death
  • Coming again of The Christ in Glory.

I'm guessing that last one will be considerably more exciting than Snow in Alabama!


  1. I would love to send you some bullar but I think customs would disapprove. And they would not taste very good after the trip...Bake some!!! Greetings from the country of winter and snow!

  2. Louise, Brenda and I just this morning were recollecting our terrific time with our friends in Sverige. It was a great time of fellowship and learning. Give our best to all our friends there. Have a bullar in our memory!! Blessings,