Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to the Beach...Again

We have written before about the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches.  The sand is white, the slope of the beach is ideal, and the gulf water is warm.  This combination cannot be topped anywhere in the world, even Hawaii!  The waves are pretty small, even smaller this week, but the sand and the beach are beautiful.

Earlier in July we were in Gulf Shores.  This past week has been in Panama City Beach.  The beaches are similar, but the lack of high-rise condos here in PCB makes the beach MUCH less crowded.

This beach trip was a throw-back to the old days.  Andrew, our youngest son, a grad student at Arizona State, was with us for the first 4 days, and our youngest daughter, her husband, and our grandson, Jem, were with us the last three.  We had some great times with them, and that contributed to a great time at the beach.

Family, sun, sand, and rest are hard to beat individually, but in combination, wow!

Wish you were here... just in your own cottage, that's all.

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