Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Estate Planning

We recently checked and indeed, our will was last visited in 1986.  Andrew wasn't even born until late in '86, and Anna not until '89.  We clearly need some updating.

There's nothing like thinking about your impending death to make a person serious.  No, I do not have a KNOWN short time to live, but NONE of us have a guarantee for tomorrow.  Not trying to be morbid, but we will all surely die.

Our financial advisor wants us to consider a life insurance policy.  I am no financial wizard, but that seems a bad idea.  I know I will die, likely within the next 20 years.  If I have a life insurance policy and die, the policy is required to pay.  Insurance companies know this and have to charge enough to cover their liability plus pay their sales force and keep the lights on, plus pay their top executives exorbitant salaries.  Sooo, they are betting that you will pay in more than they pay out.

The insurance policy I really want is that I will not go to hell, and I already have that one covered.  

Now that's insurance, or assurance, worth having!

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