Monday, October 20, 2014

Ole Miss Football> On the Sidelines before the game

Howard Hendricks once recounted a story of someone asking a famous football coach,  "What does football contribute to our nations' fitness?"

"Absolutely nothing!" declared the coach.

"Football is 24 players on the field desperately needing rest, and 80 thousand people in the stands desperately needing exercise."


It was a thrill to walk out the tunnel the players use.

It was neat to be on the field just before the game.

We arrived at Ole Miss Stadium about 12:30 for a 2:30 Kickoff.  We had just shy of two hours to enjoy the experience.  They day was cool and windy, and I was happy I brought my jacket.

I was neat to see the players warming up.  The refs arrived, the sidelines officials who keep the down markers, came up to our sideline.  The UA team athletic trainers, cheerleaders, and lots of other folks were there.  The sidelines were rife with security people, one of whom asked to see my "credentials".  Of course I had no "credentials" so I said, "Ask my Dad."  I led the security guy over to my athletics department sponsor who explained what was happening.  Surprising to me, the security guys just said something nice and walked away.

I was surprised that his attitude changed so readily, but there is a key point to be made.

When we get to heaven, the security there may ask to see our credentials.

We can say, "Ask my Dad".

We don't get to heaven because of our credentials, but because of the credentials of our Savior and L^rd.

It really isn't WHAT you know, it's WHO you know.

Thanks be to G^d!

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