Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SEC Nation

I am not a devoted football fan.  I enjoy it.  I saw an excellent Auburn v KS State game Thurs night.  I am watching Clemson play #1 ranked FSU right now.  I watch/listen to most all UA games.  I wasn't all that sure what "SEC Nation" was until this last few days.

You see, SEC Nation set up right outside my office beginning early Thurs.  I was impressed at the manpower required.  They had about 6 or 7 people stationed around the periphery just to keep people outside the fence they said up around their perimeter.

They had 30-40 people working to set up for 10 hours plus Thurs and most all day Friday.  By Friday about 1600, they seemed to have everything set.  There was heavy-duty security, and still plenty of worker-bees.  It looked like a circus, literally.  To heighten the effect, in the background the whole quad was being covered with tents.

 My office widows are second floor, just to right of big screen.

I marvel at the time, effort and money put into a college football pre-game show.  Clearly this is BIG MONEY.  Clearly LOTS of people watch, which is why they can spend all this money on doing this show.

Does all this really matter?  Does it really make a difference in the world as to who wins and who loses in college football?

Maybe football is a great illustration for us all. 

Why get so excited about something that will be forgotten in a couple of years?

Instead, why NOT get excited about something that WILL matter in a thousand years!!  What could that be?

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