Friday, October 24, 2014

Ole Miss Football Road Trip>> Sports Medicine

American football is a violent game.  There are the biggest, strongest men in the USA throwing their bodies at each other.  They try to rip each other in two.  In the game I attended, 3 UA players were injured in the first 15:15 of the game.  That's no surprise.

Below is a snapshot of the UA Athletic trainers.  Thye are a super group and one of the nicest groups of people you will ever meet.  They are caring, which I guess explains their profession.

The sidelines work these folks do is pretty impressive.  Gatorade makes their presence known in a big way, and getting gallons of this stuff mixed falls to the trainers.
I was most impressed with their "first aid box".  Their is something here for every eventuality.  Need an eye wash?  Got it!  Need an asthma inhaler?  Got it!  You need it, they got it!
The only Person I know better prepared than the Crimson tide Trainers, is G^d himself.  Need a miracle?  He's got it!  Need your sins forgiven?  He's got it.

Pretty impressive eh?

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