Saturday, January 24, 2015

Busy Holidays?

I know everyone has a lot going during the Christmas- New Year's celebratory season, but consider this schedule:
  • Dec 10 Chruch Christmas banquet.
  • Dec 13- UA graduation and pick up Andrew at BHM airport.
  • Go deer hunting, plan out everything.
  • Pick up David, Rie and Nene at BHM.
  • Celebrate Issac's b'day.
  • Christmas Eve church and meal.
  • Christmas day present opening and meal.
  • Celebrate Jem's b'day.
  • 28 Dec. Daniel Arrives from MD and enjoy Christmas (huge) dinner.  Open more presents. (14 people in our home).
  • Lots of food, a game of Risk and lots of games of chicken-foot.
  • 31 Dec. David's family back to BHM at 4 AM and travel to DeSoto Falls.
  • 1 Jan return home to Northport.

Whew!  That is/was tiring.  But it was a great, great holiday celebration.  To get this many people together and have everything go smoothly is a Gift from G^d!

I hope your holiday was terrific, and I hope we all realize how much G^d has blessed us all in so many ways.

Happy New Year to all.

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