Thursday, January 8, 2015

If a Tree Fell in the Forest...

This morning I am sitting quietly in the woods, thinking about the woods.  A flock of turkeys feeds it way to within about 15 yards.  It is a good sized flock.  I wonder about all those trees, turkeys and deer that inhabit these woods.  Many of these likely have never seen, or been seen, by a human.

There are thousands of these unseen and unappreciated plants and animals in the forests of the world.  Why?

Why did G^d create these beautiful resources.  Whitetail deer live and die without ever being enjoyed by a human.  We're all G^d's creations.  G^d put us in charge in the garden.  We are to steward the earth.  But all these unseen resources, what's up with those?

I am thinking that the world is bigger than just us.  G^d looks down and sees it all at once.  G^d sees the beautiful timber rattler along with the cottontail bunny.  He sees the baby quail and the tiger salamander.

We interpret everything as it everything is about us.  I think we are wrong.  A racoon may exist for the admiration of the opossums.  A beech may exist for the terrapins.

It's not all about us.  We are a big part.  Jesus didn't die for the chipmunks, but the whole world is more than us.

How else do you explain those unseen pileated woodpeckers?

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