Friday, January 30, 2015


Well, today and yesterday (2 Jan) we disassembled the Christmas decorations.  This is typically a little sad, as it marks the end of one my favorite seasons.  The tree is down and back in the attic.  The outside lights and deer are not yet put away- too wet- but the lights are off the eves and the wiring is stored.

Taking down is not nearly as hard as putting them up, but not nearly the fun.  As many things, the anticipation is a large part of the fun.

What am I anticipating now?  I find myself asking that question.  I have a trip to Dallas that should be fun and rewarding.  I have another trip in April to College Station, TX, and then to Rome and London in May.  Of course there's also Spring Break, and a professional meeting in Jacksonville.  Then too, there is a new group of students to be met and taught, new papers to write, and new dissertations to assist.

But in a few months more, these will too be disassembled.  What after that?  Well Summer Break, and trips to the beach, and the UA swimming pool...

But these cycles are continuous and only temporarily satisfying.  Nothing we anticipate will bring us ultimate fulfillment.

But we have one BIG anticipation that we don't think about very often.  Think of what it will be like to be in heaven. Those streets of gold, those terrifically interesting Christians who proceeded us.

All holidays and celebrations come to an end... but eternity... well the name says enough.

Ahhh, sweet anticipation.

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