Thursday, January 1, 2015

Another NEW year!

Wow, hard to believe, but 2014 is history.  Time doth flee- tempus fugit.

I spend a lot of time this season in the woods down in Hale County, AL.  I have been hunting here for almost 30 years.  I see large pine thickets, and I recall when they were planted.  This area is clear cut. For 25 years I walked through mature hardwoods in this now barren spot.  Things change, even forests.

In Sunday's sermon, Ben Talmadge told us a company is now making a watch that takes the input of your age plus several health characteristics, then counts down the hours you have until your predicted death.  Hmm, I don't want one, but the idea is macabre.

Time does indeed count down.  Life flows slowly, or quickly, away.

But enough mourning.  Let us rejoice at the new year.  2015!  It's one of those "5" years.  It's the mid-year of the decade.  We have just finished this year off, we  have completed half of the 2010's.  The 20-teens.

What did you do with 2014?  What will you do with 2015?  How will it be spent?  How should it be spent?

How does one spend a year, a decade, a life? Whose life is it anyway?  If it is ours, it is our decision.  If our life has been purchased by another, then that is quite another matter.  Our year, our life is not our own. 

Does that matter? Should it?

I think so.  I am sure of it.

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