Monday, October 19, 2015

Death… And other topics

Written 21 July 2015

My second youngest brother, Danny Michael bishop, died this past week at age 59.  He will be buried tomorrow at the National Veteran’s cemetery in our home town of Canton, GA.

Most readers know that I think about this subject, death, quite a bit.  At my age, it is something that comes up with some regularity.  Most months, someone I know passes on from this world to the next. My Dad died in ’97, my Mom in 03, and now one of my brothers.

It is good, and wise, to consider ofen one’s mortality.  No one gets out of life alive, as the saying goes.

So, I pause again to reflect.  My brother Danny, was a likeable guy.  He was a highly skilled carpenter.  He was gifted.  In his latter days, he was a bit of a recluse living in his small house on the hill above his 6 acres of rolling Virginia terrain.

There is nothing, really nothing, wrong with solitude.  I enjoy a bit of it myself every deer season. I want to learn from Danny.  I want to invest my time, my resources, my life in something bigger than houses, money, vacations.  I want to invest in eternity.  I want to impact the world for the L^rd Jesus Christ. I want to follow, follow closely, the Christ.

I have no idea when or how this earthly life will end.  Life ends abruptly, or slowly, but should NEVER end surprisingly.  We will die… we all surely will.

In what will you invest yours?

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