Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Upside Down

Early in the Creation story of Genesis we find that G^d as Supreme Creator creates man in their (plural) image.  Man is to lead and protect woman, and they are to have dominion over the animal kingdom.

Pastor Eric Mason points out that in the fall (Gen 3) things are turned upside down.  Satan, in the form of an animal (serpent) tempts Eve, who in turn shares with Adam, all the while ignoring G^d's Divine Commandment.   It is exactly upside down from G^d's design.

I never thought of that.  did you?

The point is that G^d has created a world with order and with hierarchy. When we confuse the hierarchy, we mes up everything!  When we sin we put our own will for us above G^d's will for us.  We turn things upside down- and we again pay the consequences of our bad decisions.  G6d paid the ultimate price for us int he sacrifice of Jesus - but we still will reap what we sow, even when we desperately pray for crop failure.

Le me, and all of us, strive to keep things turned right-side up.

Amen- L^rd make it so!

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