Friday, October 30, 2015

Is Jehovah Cruel?

One of the more sophomoric arguments against the G^d of the Old Testament is that He was cruel.  A common example is that he commands the Israelites to wipe out the Canaanites.  An example, closer to home, are the death penalties for things that we would think to be minor infractions such as disrespect for parents.

How could anyone love a G^d who is so mean?

This raises a response questions.  So what is your standard for G^d and, "sez who"?

If G^d doesn't exist, you have no one to critique.  If G^d does exist, who are YOU to question Him?

But I wouldn't really LIKE a god who didn't meet MY expectations!!

What?  Hmm, your concept of god seems a bit limited if G^d must meet your requirements.

A second response relates to time.  We humans are LOCKED into time.  We cannot escape.  We cannot conceive of eternity, or of a G^d who is pre-existent, not created, and operating beyond time and space.  We just have insufficient mental capacity.

And that should be no surprise.

From G^d's perspective, possibly, who doubtlessly can see the future quite clearly, does it matter if a human dies in sin this year or next year?  In a day as a thousand years to G^d?  If you divide two years by infinity  it equals 0.  If you divide 40 years by infinity  it equals 0.  If you divide a hundred years by infinity  it still equals 0.

Well, it doesn't matter to ME, but how about to the created pots?  O yeah, G^d created mankind and each individual- as He wished and for His purposes -which purposes might NOT be to make us comfortable.

G^d isn't cruel - but He is G^d!

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