Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What's Really Important?

What's Really Important?

That's a dumb question!  All kinds of stuff!  I have bills to pay, places to go, people to see... all sorts of really, really important stuff!

As I sit here typing this, the lawn in front of our building is sprouting tents like crazy.  Across the street the quadrangle is FULL of tents and coolers and all sorts of stuff and the football game is still over 36 hours away.  People will spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on what?  a football game?

We Americans seem to have a hard time determining what is really important, and what is NOT important.  We abort babies, we take drugs, we neglect our children, we waste our time and money, but we get all excited about the Khardashians and Kanye.


Are we whack?  How do YOU explain this unusual prioritization?

Here's a hypothesis:  We are either crazy, or there is a force in this world that makes us whack.  if we are crazy, then why can we stop for a moment and recognize our own craziness?  That leaves only a force in this world.  Some might call that force Satan.

Odd hypothesis eh?  I think so too, but it's the only logical explanation I can discern.

So what's your hypothesis?

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