Monday, March 21, 2016

It’s a Miracle! Or at Least a Very Unusual Coincidence

I previously mentioned that Brenda and I had bought a new, newer, smaller, easier-to-maintain house.  The way we got this house is a miracle, at least in my book.

We had been thinking about buying a newer smaller place for a few months, and right after the Christmas holidays we began to look. We wanted a garden home or something similar with minimal maintenance.  We have NEVER lived in a busy, multi-house neighborhood, except in Botswana.  We knew this would be challenging.

Brenda found a couple of places she really liked, but I demurred because I didn’t like having a view of NOTHING but rooftops and others’ walls.  I am picky about location, and we both wanted 3 BR and at least 2 baths, for visitors.

Our realtor was showing us a house, when a foreclosure caught my eye.  We got access, and I loved it.  It was on the outside corner, with two sides totally wooded.  It was a small subdivision of less than 50 houses.  IT was a total wreck, which meant we could redo it in our OWN style and taste.  I did the calculations, and if we paid full foreclosure price, we could still redo it at a very good total cost.  I planned on placing a bid on Monday.  We prayed about it over the next two days and… I could NOT get G^d’s peace about the purchase.  Oh well.

In doing all this, we noticed on Saturday morning that there was a “For Sale by Owner” home on the opposite corner, also wooded on two sides.  I wrote down the number, and we called.  The owners invited us to see it that afternoon, and it was terrific!

This is the same house we just bought last week!  But here’s the strange part…  The owner had the house on the market back 3 months earlier, and someone was very interested, but the deal collapsed.  The day before we saw the sign, the owner had prayed to G^d to provide a buyer, but decided to NOT advertise, NOT list, and sell it himself, with just a sign in the yard, put up the very morning we saw it and called.

Coincidence?  I think not.

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