Thursday, March 24, 2016

Road trip!

One of my favorite events of the academic year is the Southeastern Regional meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine.  This year it was in Greenville, SC, about a 6+ hour drive.
Thursday morning at about 0700, we loaded up 4 faculty, 4 Ph.D. students,  a couple of MA students and 17 undergrads.  It was the first time that the undergrads outnumbered the grad students.  To be honest, some more grad students drove over separately, but it was still a record number.

The meeting was terrific.  I got to see, and chat with, folks I don’t see, except at a distance, in any other occasion. It’s a great time of catching up and seeing what’s going on in others’ lives.  The science is very, very good, the fun times very, very fun.  It’s great to socialize and learn.  It’s also great to see students realize that the names they read in journal articles are standing there drinking coffee.  I got to run with one of my former doc students on 2 mornings.  Doesn’t get any better.
Coincidentally (maybe not) the regional meeting of the Christian Faculty was only about 6 blocks from our meeting.  Saturday, when the science quieted a bit, I jogged down to hear my great friend and role model, Walter Bradley speak to the group.  John Lancaster asked if I would say a few words… Would I!

I only had 4-5 min, and I thought about how best to spend it… so I started off the first couple of minutes praying for the meeting and the individuals there.  I then bragged on them, reminded them of what a great mission field we have, and the ended.  Five minutes later I was back in my hotel showering and packing for the trip home.

Have I got a great job, or what??

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