Monday, March 7, 2016

Renovation of the Heart

I am very stimulated by the Sunday School lesson this AM on discipleship.  The sermon in worship is along the same lines.  My mind is reeling with the old information seen with newer eyes.

For some reason, I am struck by the need for renovations of my heart.

This is partially prompted by a decision Brenda and I are making.  We have been looking at a home in foreclosure that needs major, major renovations.  The great part is that we can remake the house into as "custom" a home as we want.  We pick the paint, cabinets, floors- the whole shebang.

But it is a LOT of work, even if we contract out EVERYTHING!!  And I think about the potential unseen flaws.  That house has been empty for two years.  It is on a slab, which means that the heat has been off, but there is likely water in the pipes in the slab.  If that water has frozen, then the pipes are probably burst.  And that is a VERY challenging repair.  And the hidden flaws are the scariest!

Renovating a house requires hundreds of little, but important, decisions. 

And living Christianly also requires hundreds of little, but important, decisions. 

I have been a Christian for a long time, and G^d has taught me a lot.  I done hours of Bible studies, heard thousands of sermons, been on a LOT of mission trips, and taught thousands of Sunday School lessons.

But still I need to renovate my heart.  My heart gets completely committed to following The Christ, and then I lose sight of the goal.  Fortunately, I am surrounded by Christians and by Scripture, so I get reminded of my wayward heart. But there's still those hidden flaws. And the hidden ones are the scariest!

We could NOT get G^d's peace about buying the reno, so we never placed a bid on it.

G^d is patient, G^d calls me back to Himself over and over.  I am indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

Thanks be to G^d that He wants to renovate my corrupt heart. He, unlike us, is willing to take on the renovation. Thanks be to G^d!

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