Thursday, March 10, 2016

The God Shepherd

Nope, that's not a typo.  G^d is indeed the Good Shepherd- indeed the G^d Shepherd.

Our pastor, Fred, began a 2-part sermon on Ps 23, the Shepherd's Psalm.  Shepherd's have ONE key task, watching over/caring for, the flock.  As our Pastor, our human shepherd pointed out, sheep are dumb and we are sheep.

But at least sheep recognize that obeying the shepherd, and staying close is in their best interest.  Well, at least SOME sheep figure that out, just like some humans.  Our Shepherd, G^d, is really looking out for our best interests, whether or not we realize it.  The Shepherd can see the bigger picture, and foresee danger, knows where there is good pasturage.  The Shepherd sleeps, sometimes, at the entrance to the sheepfold, so as to contain and protect the sheep.  The Shepherd brings them home.

The Good Shepherd searches out the lost sheep, even if He must temporarily leave the 99.

So the questions are:
  • Will I listen to the Shepherd?
  • Will I obey the Shepherd?
  • Will I watch what the Shepherd is doing?

We sheep benefit from the Shepherd, the Shepherd is willing to lay down his life for us.

Will I listen to the Shepherd?

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