Monday, January 23, 2017

Denying Science -- by a Scientist!

Yes, folks, I need to come out and admit it- I am a science denier!

And, I might add, any intelligent scientist is ALSO a science denier.  It's virtually impossible to be a scientist without being a science denier!

Let me explain. As I have stated before, in any good science there is controversy.  And, in all science there are mistakes, misunderstandings, and even fraud.  YES- there is a lot of money in scientific research, and it doesn't take very much money at all to precipitate fraud.

Wait you say, scientists don't deny science!  YEs they do.  I just read that a paper was withdrawn from a journal because the data were discovered to be too good to be true-- really- they were too good to be true, and they weren't true they were fabricated!

But, you say, you are misusing the term "science denier" too broadly.


So what's your definition?  Are you suggesting that anyone who questions global man-influenced climate change is a science denier?  Really? Do you really think that there is NO evidence against climate change?  Really?  And your scientific basis for your faith in human-influenced climate change is what?  Your evidence is that a lot of folks- who happen to make a lot money from climate change- say that it is real. Think back there are plenty of scientific theories that are eventually shown to be wrong.  It's no big deal.

Perhaps people who doubt man-made climate change are correct. Maybe they are wrong, but scientists are quick to point out that science gets corrected all the time.

Think about that.

If science gets corrected, then at some point it was wrong.  If you deny wrong science doesn't that make you a CORRECT thinker, not a science denier.  Think about it.

No one is saying that large chunks of science are wrong.  Newton's laws are always... wait- Newton's laws are actually wrong on a sub-atomic scale.  Well, some other vague parts of science are always correct.  Take nutrition science for example.  Remember eat margarine- not butter- no wwait, I mean eat butter, not margarine.

Well let's stop talking about science and let's make up some more derisive names to call those who disagree with us on some point.

No really.


  1. 7 billion people w/ a temp of 98.6, plus all the heat producing industries...On a planet who's average ambient temperature is 61 Degree's F...hummmm..Can the atmosphere absorb it and stay in God's intended temperature ranges? It must be fun to be a Scientist..Especially when you go to work each day w/ this as your mission statement...(Science gets correct all the time!!) LOL...I would say that could free a fellow or Gal up to think out side the box...Not as free as God has made us through the gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus! But, free for something they pay you to do anyway..:)