Monday, January 9, 2017

Now that's a Good Question!

As most readers would realize by now, I love questions.  I have written about questions many times in this blog.  I tell my students that they need to learn the SKILL of asking good questions.  We miss many great opportunities to learn, because we don't know how to ask questions, particularly GOOD questions.
I recently read a Breakpoint blog post about.. questions.  Here are some of the questions they suggested we practice using, especially when dealing with contentious topics.
Here they are:
  1.  What do you mean by that? 
  2.  How do you know that’s true? 
  3. Where did you get this information? 
  4.  How did you come to this conclusion? 
  5.  What if you’re wrong? and What if you’re right? 

These are some good questions!  Defining what we mean is essential to true, useful discussions, so Q1 is a great place to start.  Some clever debaters will define terms particularly, because he who defines the terms, wins the argument.
Q2 is a great question, because a lot of what we BELIEVE to be true, a lot of what we WANT to be true, and MUCH of what we SAY to be true, is simply bogus.  How do you know that's true?
Q3 is really a variation on Q2.  We may make a claim, and suggest that it is true due to the quality of the source.  But what exactly WAS the source, and what was their source, etc., etc.
Q4 is a challenge to one's logic and biases. Often we conclude too early, and learn too late.
And the two opposing parts of Q5 is a great reflective place to wind up.  What difference does it make?  Really?
I pray that you will deepen your relationship with the Christ!  What do I mean, why do I believe this, where did I get the info, and how did I come to my own conclusions?  I'd love to answer these for you.  But the real kicker is Q5!  What if I am right about this?  Yes, the consequences are ENORMOUS!!

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