Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson Posits G^d- Really, he did!

Here is an excerpt from a YAHOO story on 24 Dec 2016.

"We haven't been able to figure out how to simulate a universe — yet. But it's not too hard to imagine that some other creature out there is far smarter than us.

Tyson points out that we humans have always defined ourselves as the smartest beings alive, orders of magnitude more intelligent than species like chimpanzees that share close to 99% of our DNA. We can create symphonies and do trigonometry and astrophysics — some of us, anyway.
But Tyson uses a thought experiment to imagine a life-form that's as much smarter than us as we are than dogs, chimps, or other terrestrial mammals.
"What would we look like to them? We would be drooling, blithering idiots in their presence," he says.
Whatever that being is, it very well might be able to create a simulation of a universe.
'And if that's the case, it is easy for me to imagine that everything in our lives is just the creation of some other entity for their entertainment,' Tyson says. 'I'm saying, the day we learn that it is true, I will be the only one in the room saying, 'I'm not surprised.'
And maybe that means there's some chance of doing a reset at some point."

I have some good news for the atheist Dr. Tyson.  YES!  There is indeed a Being that is, "a life-form that's as much smarter than us as we are than dogs, chimps, or other terrestrial mammals."
His name is Jehovah!   I am not sure you would call our earthly dwelling a "simulation", but I am sure you can call it temporary and a preparation for the REAL Thing.
Yes, Dr. Tyson, I can imagine that G^d exists.  In fact I am sure of it!
The article also says this, "But most physicists and philosophers agree that it's impossible to prove definitively that we don't live in a simulation and that the universe is real."
Yep, it's called "faith" and indeed is inevitable.  A relationship with the G^d who created the universe is possible by faith.
Check it out!

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