Thursday, January 12, 2017

Glory Revealed!

By now, the autumn season may be forgotten.  As I write this the leaves are beautiful. I am surprised by the color, because this has been a extremely DRY fall, which often makes the leaves turn brown early and fall off.  Instead for about the last 5 weeks there has been at least some beautiful leaves.  I do suspect that at this point, the Friday after Thanksgiving, the end of the color is near, especially up in VA.

I am not sure how well known it is, but the leave colors are there all year long.  The bright yellows, red, golds are there from the time the leaf unfurls.  The chlorophyll simply obscures the brilliant colors.

We are kinda like the leaves.  We were originally created beautiful, like the leaves, in G^d's image.  However that beauty is sometimes, maybe often, concealed.  We conceal our G^d-endowed beauty be sin, by our very falleness.  Sad isn't it.

But like the leaves, our covering of sin can be stripped away.  As the chlorophyll is removed each fall, for deciduous trees, our sin is stripped away by the blood of Christ.  As His blood cleanses us, our beauty is revealed.  And, though I am unsure, perhaps in Heaven we will be able to really truly see the beauty of each of our fellow Believers.

As beautiful the autumn, now THAT will be Gorgeous!

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