Monday, January 30, 2017

Working in the dirt

Early on Christmas Eve I set about the task of putting 85 larirope (monkey-grass) plants into the ground at the Northport house. I had tons of it at the old Bellwood home, and I love it.  It has lots of qualities that appeal to me:

  • It's very hardy- lives through challenges like drought,
  • It handles deprivation well- it needs very little light,
  • It is relatively inexpensive as nursery plants go- good value for money,
  • It is an appealing appearance,
  • but MOSTLY, it saves me work by forming a lovely border that does NOT require continual edging!

It was this last quality that motivated me most.

It was a LOT of work, setting all these out, plus, I ran out of the commercial ones before I ran out of places I wanted to put them, so I transplanted some plants from a patch of them already growing in a corner of the yard.

At the end of the day, despite help from my son, Andrew, I was tired!!  But, it was a good tired.  It was the tired that comes from working hard physically, and at the end of the tired, I could look back and see that I had accomplished something.  Actually I had invested in something.  I had put $$$ and labor, and was expecting a return on my investment.

There's nothing like planting something and looking forward to the harvest- or in my case, the landscaping improvement.

Jesus talked a lot about this general topic- the lilies of the field, the seed on stony ground, the vineyard, the vine and the pruning of it, and lots more.  Of course, Jesus was speaking to a population with an agricultural economy.  But Jesus was also speaking to us.  The harvest will come.  We are every day planting seeds-  some for good, some for ill.

And, one day, one day soon I think, we shall reap a harvest!  For some it will be a joyous day, for others, not so much.

How about you, what are you sowing?

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