Monday, February 20, 2017

Elvis and Jesus

Yesterday, Brenda and I and some friends enjoyed a 90-min concert by an Elvis impersonator.  The young 19-year-old, Taylor Rodriguez favored Elvis Presley quite a bit.  His voice was also pretty good. When Taylor sang Gospel songs, he sounded quite like Elvis.

So, this young fellow, with terrific stage presence and confidence, wore Elvis-like clothes, sang Elvis songs, walked into the crowd and passed out sweat-dampened scarves like the original. He was a pretty convincing imitator.

Which got me thinking. Who do I want to emulate?

Well, the answer is either: a squirrel or Jesus (if you don't know that joke, I can share it privately- it's pretty good).

So just HOW do I go about imitating Jesus. There's no real point in dressing like him, or growing out my beard- which would also mean I need a dye job.  I am not interested in looking like Him physically, I AM interested in looking like him in my actions.

What did Jesus do? He loved people- enough to sacrifice his own life.  I can do that. Will I?

He spoke the truth. I can do that. Will I?

He taught so much he was called "rabbi" (teacher). I can do that. Will I?

He performed miracles. I can do that. Will I?  Wait, you say, You can't really do miracles!

Wait, I say, I can and so can you.  Whereas we might not can turn water into wine, we can indeed influence hearts and heads to relate personally to the True and Living G^d- a miracle!  We can feed the poor and heal the sick- perhaps not in a miraculous manner, but the outcome is the SAME! We can live totally committed to The Christ, and we do that, even for a few steps out on the water, we are living miracles!

So, I say forget Elvis!  Lets you and I start imitating Jesus.

So, how's my imitation so far?  I'm still practicing!


  1. I'd like to know the squirrel story!

  2. Thanks for asking. I decided to make it a blog post. Stay tuned and it will come up in a few weeks. Blessings