Thursday, February 9, 2017

You Can’t Go Home Again

I am pretty sure that “You Can’t Go Home Again” is the title of a famous work of fiction by Thomas Wolfe.  And this is an intriguing topic to Brenda and me right now.

This is intriguing to us, because we have been endeavoring to go home again.  As most readers realize, our home-home is in Northport, AL, near our two daughters and 4 of our grands, and not too far from another son and two more grands.  But our work-home is in Lynchburgh, VA.  For Thanksgiving week, we high-tailed down to AL and had Thanksgiving lunch with our children and grandchildren.  As I write this, we are driving back about 10 hours to VA, having spent 3 weeks in AL.

We greatly enjoyed the visit to home-home, but it did strike us both a bit strangely.  We were in our own house, but we were really not home, we were really VISITING AL.  It was nice to have our own bed and kitchen and garage, and t.v., but we were still visiting.  We kind of expected that this time would  be like previous Christmases, but it wasn’t the same.

Why is this?  I am not altogether sure.  Maybe we are a “couple without a country”.  Maybe the time is too short.  Maybe our minds won’t let us forget that we are “visiting home”, not living there.  But, as I have blogged before, being a visitor is the correct view for Christians.  This earth is Not our home, we are just visiting.

So, G^d is using our strange status to remind us, we are headed for a heavenly home- a home not made with human hands.  We are headed for the ultimate family time- but in heaven, it won’t be for a week or three, it will be for all eternity.

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