Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Different Kind of Tailgate

If you have never been to A U of Alabama pre-game football tailgate party, you have missed an experience.  It is like NOTHING I have ever seen in over 50 countries.  The preparation starts months in advance, but the visible prep starts on late Thurs PM.  By Friday the grounds are covered with yellow tape normally reserved for crime scenes.  Some of the large rectangles have little 8.5x11 laminated sheets declaring that these are "authorized" reserved spots.  I would guess these would be easily fabricated, as there isn't even a signature on them.

By early Saturday, the Quadrangle is covered in tents, as is most of the surrounding spaces within a half mile of the quad.  The circus has truly come to town!

Our local church congregation had a men's fellowship tailgate the weekend of an away game- U of Arkansas (the other UA, along with Arizona and Alaska).  Our tailgate was a little more low key.

It wasn't rowdy.  It wasn't raucous.  It wasn't rambunctious.  It was pretty quiet with good food and fellowship.  I was able to talk to a few men, with whom I seldom have the opportunity to chat.  Some of hte younger crowd played some games, and the men mostly chatted and watched Auburn on t.v. whilst awaiting the late start of the UA-UA game.

Most of life is like this.  It is pretty calm.  People may be desperate, but we distract ourselves with sports, with hobbies.  We may fellowship, but are we doing anything of substance?

Is our tailgate different from any of those on the Quad?

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