Friday, November 28, 2014

Mystery of Sports Teams Affliations

I work at one of the best known collegiate sports schools in the USA.  U of Alabama fans are rabid over football, and more recently over gymnastics. Those of you who come to UA tailgates before football games know of what I speak.  Football fans spends thousands of dollars coming to games in these ways:
  • There are scores of expensive campers that show up the day before games, and I suspect these get little other use.
  • Allegedly many people rent apartments and buy condos- strictly for football games.
  • People and companies spends lots of money on skyboxes, etc.
  • After the game you could hear scores of small, private planes exiting town over our house (we are about 3-4miles East of the Tuscaloosa airport which chiefly services private aircraft).
  • Tickets to the game, parking, and soda pops are amazingly expensive.
There's more examples, but you get the picture, and this is just for home games, away games involve more expense.

Why do people do this?  Honestly I have no idea, but that never stops me from speculating.

I am guessing that people want the "heroism by association".  People want to be associated with success and winning.  People want to be associated with public figures, and the UA football team is clearly public.


Jesus the Christ is another opportunity to be associated with a famous public figure.  Jesus defeated death forevermore.  Jesus has not a single negative mark associated with his actions and teaching.

And yet most are ashamed to be associated with Him.

Go figure.

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