Thursday, November 27, 2014

Blatant Theft

A friend, Heather Holleman, shared in her blog some questions asked by a student at Penn State.  The questions are pretty interesting, so I stole them.  What would you say in response to these:

1. What was your biggest regret from college?
2. If I only read one book in college, which one book would you recommend I read?
3. What is your definition of a great student?
4. How do you define success?

These are some good questions to consider.

Whether are not you went to college, the last two Qs are especially useful.  Whether we are in school are not, we are students.  We may be bad students, but we are students.  It is good to recognize a good student, so that we might become one.  I have taught a lot of students, have been a student most of my life, and think about this.  Here's my answer to #3:
  • Interested,
  • Attentive,
  • Inquisitive,
  • Engaged,
  • Alert,
  • Thoughtful,
  • Challenging, and
  • Application-oriented.
So what kind of student am I?  What kind of student are you?
So, how do you define success?

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