Monday, November 10, 2014

West Coast!

I just returned yesterday morning from Washington State.  I was there to give some talks at Central Washington Univ in Ellensburg, WA.   It was beautiful, though it rained most of the time I was there.  The local folks couldn't recall a time period of more rain.
I was late getting in on Tuesday because of a closed runway in Detroit and bad weather there.  I was scheduled to speak Tuesday evening but at the time to start we were still about a half-hour from Ellensburg.  On well, that's the way it goes sometimes.  We did get in to town in time to hear the guy who originally invited me finish his talk. 

Afterwards I told him,  "It's just as well I was going to say the same thing you did".

That guy, Brian H, was a terrific guy who I certainly enjoyed meeting, as were a number of folks.  I found the students to be impressively warm and courteous.  They were very attentive when I spoke and many thanked me personally afterwards.

I'll write more about the campus and the surroundings and adventures later, but the outstanding thing, and my outstanding memory of this road trip were the people.  From Austin the student juggler, to my hosts, Rob and Kelly, and Mark and Kathy, to Vili who I met on the airport shuttle, these were some outstanding people.

And, though the scenery was magnificent, though the campus was remarkable, though the talks were fun, the outstanding thing were the wonderful people.  And, as need to be reminded, those mountains will crumble, as will the beautiful buildings, but the people are  immortal.

As Wes says, "relationships matter."   Amen.

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