Monday, June 8, 2015

Extravert’s Delight

I am in a laundromat in London.  I hear a young man speak to someone.  I catch his eye. 

“New York?” I ask.

He gives a bit of a shocked grin, and says, “That’s right!”

In fact he is Matt S, a writer for New Yorker Magazine here in London on a 2-week assignment.  Whilst my clothes are washing, and his finish washing and start drying, we have quite a nice conversation.  He is covering Islam in England and the recent speech restrictions enacted there.  We chat a bit about magazine writing, families, his college (Swarthmore), a colleague who is also an alumnus.  He is very friendly and the conversation is very, very easy.

As he is folding up his last bit of clothing, I tell him, “My friends are in the British Museum, but I believe I have had the better time!”  He seems humbly incredulous, but I am sincere.

G^d indeed made all the many, many marvels of the British museum which is ranked among the top 5 natural history museums in the world.  But G^d’s supreme creation is NOT nature, but Matt S.

And as Bob Cratchit’s son Tim once said, “May G^d Bless us, everyone (Matt S)!”

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