Monday, June 22, 2015

Maurice Simpson

I am walking down the street in Oxford, England.  I am coming back from a speaking engagement in Oxford Brooks Uni, where I met with a bunch of grad students and talked about hydration and nutrition in recovery.  I notice a small older man, similar to me, with a small folding table, set up next to the street.  The man has a small portable PA system around his neck.

Jehovah’s Witness?

Mormon, maybe?

None of the above, Maurice Simpson is a Christian on a mission.  He tells me he is merely trying to win as many souls into The Kingdom as he can.  I notice his table has many tracts in Arabic.  “Yes”  he agrees, “The Muslims are more spiritually minded, and they esteem Jesus as a Prophet.”

I ask him if he is Anglican.  “No, not really”, he says with a smile, “My wife and I just try to follow the Bible in all things.”

I unzip my backpack and dig out my LAST remaining “Jesus film” CD which has the film in about 8 languages and give it to Maurice.  He beams.

“Perhaps together we can help someone into The Kingdom”.

Perhaps we can…

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