Thursday, June 4, 2015

On the Road Again!

This blog started on our sabbatical to Sweden. We are on the road again, and by the time you read this, back home again.  We have a bit of a different trip this time. Phillip started off the trip taking the train to ATL, spending the night with friends, then meeting up with the CRU students and staff at the ATL airport. He flew with them to Frankfurt, then on to Rome. You will read more about that a bit later.

Brenda left a week later and met up with me in London. After a brief stay we trekked to Newcastle, then to Oxford, then to the Cotswolds up NW of London not far from Wales.

Will be posting blogs w photos soon!

Once again we are working with Cru, known as Agape in England and Italy. We have some specific tasks, but a lot of it is just what occurs as we go along the way. We will meet new friends, see some old ones, and try to hear from G^d as clearly and often as possible. We know not what we may encounter. International travel is generally quite safe, but there are never any guarantees.

We think it is time well spent, at any rate. As we have marveled on many occasions, G^d has made it possible to experience things that most people of our income level only imagine. And the great joy is to be doing this in relationship. We are moving in relationship with fellow believers, in relationship with new acquaintances, and most importantly, in relationship with the G^D of the Universe.

It just doesn’t get any better than that!

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