Friday, June 19, 2015

New Thinking

If we do NOT renew our thinking, it can become stale.  One advantage to travel and to new friends are the new things to learn.  Two of my favorite new things are really new slang terms:

“Re-tweet” is a most modern way of saying, “that’s worth repeating”!  I like it.  It’s short, it’s an inside slang that only a few will understand.

The second one is, “Wow, that’s Gucci!”  Of course, to any thinking person, that means, “That’s top-notch!”  Of course it does.

From what I can tell, these terms are only used by the youngsters of 2015. I discovered in Africa that if I knuckle-bumped like a famous young wild African rock musician, the young folks would laugh, reliably.  As an old professor teaching very challenging material, I need all the laughs I can get.  For an old, out of touch prof to exclaim regularly, “Re-tweet that!” and, “Wow!  That’s Gucci!”, should at minimum get a giggle.

I hope so, after all, these terms are both “Gucci!”.


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