Monday, February 15, 2016

G^d is Real! Really.

G^d, the G^d of the Judeo-Christians, is real.  How do I know?  Well, no one can know with absolute certainty, such is the situation that G^d created.  Those who come to G^d, come by faith.

But there is PLENTY of evidence of G^d.  Romans chapter 1 tells us that there are two testimonies of G^d:  nature and Scriptures.  For those willing to look, and Romans 1 tells us that this number is not unlimited, there is ample evidence of G^d's existence and nature.

If G^d were a creation of human imagination, as almost all skeptics insist, He would be either totally comprehensible, like the Greek and Roman gods, or He would be totally incomprehensible.

Instead, the Judeo-Christian G^d is somewhat comprehensible, but is clearly mysterious in many ways.  The mono-theistic triune G^d is extremely difficult, and in my view, impossible, to understand.  And, this is what a skeptic like me would expect of a G^d whose foolishness is wiser than our wisdom.  Should mere man be ABLE to understand G^d?  Nope, not a G^d who breathed the cosmos into existence.

And despite human inadequacies, G^d has graciously revealed MUCH about Himself. He is ominpotent, omnipresent, and omniscient- the 3 O's!  These are impressive, but more understandable than His being beyond time.  We humans are locked into time.  Ricky Dawkins (author of the God Delusion) seems incapable of conceiving of an ETERNAL creator.

"Who created God?" asks Dawkins.

G^d is eternal- uncreated- and beyond time.  Yep, hard for mere mortals to understand, but why would we expect to understand?

"But we are so smart!"

Not!  In fact, I'd argue that we humans are incredibly stupid.  I could cite ample evidence, but the sale of "pet rocks" may be sufficient.

"The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing." ~ Socrates

Think about it.

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