Thursday, February 25, 2016

Khaki Pants

I have a friend who is in the midst of changing jobs.  He has been, for several years, the youth minister in a local Christian congregation.  His new job coming is to become the senior pastor.

Even as youth pastor, this guy preached in the main worship service very often.  He most always dressed the same when he preached.  He dressed like Frances Chan and several other of the younger preachers, in denim jeans and an un-tucked plaid shirt.  You could count on it.

But then a couple of weeks back, he steps to the podium to start the sermon wearing... Khakis!!  Oh, and his shirt is tucked in also.  What to make of this??  Very strange.

And then it dawns...he is dressing for the NEW job.  Old job, with youth= jeans.  New job, with older adults= khakis.  OK.

But there is a message here.  We understand others' perceptions and expectations.  We generally cater to those.

Now what is G^d's expectations for us?  How does HE expect us to dress, but more applicable, how does HE expect us to speak, think relate?

How would we know?  Well obviously from Scripture.  But we are not so pressured to conform to G^d's expectations, are we?

We are odd people, we Christians.  We are more interested in pleasing men than in pleasing G^d.


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  1. Does our transformation by Grace cover our non-conformity? Or, is James saying I will show you my transformation by my conformity? Hmmmm?